占星 1~1

Boost your stats with the help of Astrals. You can either choose to focus on one stat or you can customize your character any way you want with different kinds of stat boosts.

1. Click on the Astro button to view the Astro interface.

2. The Astro interface holds five different orbs. Orbs become higher in level as you progress from left to right.
3. Click the first orb to receive a random Astral. The higher the level orb, the greater chance players will receive a rarer Astral.
4. Using the Astro System consumes gold. Higher level orbs will consume larger amounts of gold. So be sure to watch the cost of each click.
5. Grey quality Astrals cannot be picked up and can only be sold. Players may only hold up to 20 Astrals in the Astro interface at a time.
6. Engulfing other Astrals will increase an Astral’s experience. To engulf an Astral, simply drag one Astral to another. Once an Astral’s experience amount has been reached, the Astral’s level will be upgraded. To effectively utilize the Astro system, players will want to engulf their lower level Astrals with their higher level Astrals.

占星2 ~1

One-click Collect– Automatically picks up all non- grey Astrals and put them into your Backpack. One-click Sell– Automatically sells all grey Astrals. One-click Capture– Automatically selects and captures top quality Astrals. VIP is required for this function. One-click Synthesis– Automatically selects the highest quality Astral and engulfs all lower level Astrals. Exchange – You receive Star Points for every Astral that you purchase. Exchange your Star Points for higher level Astrals.

Notes: Astrals are unique items, each with their own special quality and attributes.
Players can only equip one Astral of the same kind. Initially, players may only equip one Astral. However, they are able to acquire and equip more as they level up.

Astral System