Enchant, Socket, Synthesize, Refine and Recycle items at the Blacksmith, making each of your items more robust and powerful.

Enchanting Enchanting requires a certain amount of gold and offers a different success rate. With each successful enchantment, the item’s enchantment level will increase by 1. If the enchantment fails, the enchantmentlevel will remain the same.



  • Luck Stones may be used to increase the enchantment success rate.
  • Enchantment will cause unbound items to become bound.

Socketing Stat boosts can be gained by socketing various gems into items and weapons. Small quantities of gold can be used to remove and re-use socketed gems. Gems can be obtained from the daily check-in, the Forgotten Catacombs and can be purchased in the Shop.



  • Socketing success rate is 100%.
  • Socketing will cause unbound items to become bound.

Synthesizing With Item Synthesis, you may synthesize materials into pieces of armor; synthesize lower level gems into higher level gems and much more. Only a small amount of gold is required for Item Synthesis. New formulas for Item Synthesis are available every five levels. Synthesis formulas can be obtained from multi-player dungeons, and can be purchased from the Shop.



  • Item Synthesis success rate is 100%.
  • All synthesized items are bound.

Refining Use Refinement to reset and improve all attributes of a weapon or piece of armor. Select an item and click Refine to generate new stats for that item. You may refine an item as many times as you would like. Once you are satisfied, click swap to receive the new stats. While refining, you may lock in certain stats you wish to keep and continue the refinement process until you are completely satisfied.



  • Refinement consumes certain amounts of Refinement Crystals.
  • Higher level (and quality) equipment requires higher level Refinement Crystals.
  • Refinement Crystals can be obtained through recycling green equipment.
  • Unbound equipment requires unbound Refinement Crystals.

Recycling Recycle items to obtain Refinement Crystals, an item required in the refinement of weapons and armor. Green or higher equipment can be recycled, with the amount of Refinement Crystals generated dependent on the original item’s quality.



  • Recycling unbound equipment will produce unbound Refinement Crystals.
  • Certain special equipment and weapons cannot be recycled.